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Sven Saerens - Strategy Advisor

Hands-on guidance of entrepreneurs in the implementation of strategic action plans

How could I help you?

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Focus on implementation
Years of experience
In person strategic trajectories
Workshop participants

I help entrepreneurs with the development and implementation of actionable, winning business strategies.

OK, This is what I need !

Strategic advice - what to expect ?

Your action plan tailored to your strategic objectives

An action plan, advice, follow-up and workshops tailored to your needs.

You get an external sounding board

Think together about the obstacles and opportunities in your path.

You have an external motivator

Make time to work ON your company instead of IN. Result is for doers.

You're not on your own

Gain insight into your blind spots and no longer sit alone with your worries and frustrations in your office.

Over Sven Saerens - Strategy advisor

Sven Saerens is an experienced entrepreneur and business developper. As a strategy advisor for entrepreneurs he passionately improves business processes and performance of organizations and their managers.

Successful entrepreneurs get more impact. 

Not only on their own, but also on their family, environment and society. 

Together with his clients, Sven strives for better prosperity for everyone.

Sven coaches and guides SME business managers towards better business with better results via a tailor-made Mentoring trajectory: more turnover, profit, leisure time, more satisfied customers, more motivated staff, ...

After a detailed business analysis follows an individual and personal strategic mentoring trajectory with an action plan, follow-ups and workshops.